SeaQuest Marine provides ship owners and maritime industry stakeholders with professional marine consultancy, shipbuilding project management and supervision services for their new building and conversion projects worldwide.

A successful shipbuilding project depends on experience in both new building and operation of the specific vessel type, attention to detail and knowledge of the selected shipyard. SeaQuest offers an expert multinational team of naval architects, engineers, project managers, and inspectors able to manage the project from technical specifications, marine consultancy, evaluation and review to final delivery, covering all the intermediate phases such as feasibility studies, shipyard assessment, technical negotiations, selection of equipment makers, plan approval, provision of specialist teams for construction supervision, commissioning and technical support to the ship’s crew.

Our Safety & Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2015 certified by ABS specifically dedicated to new building, ensures the same highest level of service for every client, however large or small the project is.

SeaQuest Marine was founded in 2003 and has maintained uninterrupted activities in the Marine and Shipbuilding market since then.

In July 2022 Anglo-Eastern Group acquired SeaQuest Marine S.A. with the intention to expand their technical service, taking advantage of the vast experience and solid presence of SeaQuest in the global shipbuilding market.


Vessels in 20 years


Shipyards in 11 countries


Clients From 32 countries


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Our consistent and persistent engagement towards shipbuilding project management and supervision together with our technical skills and experience make it possible to reach our professional goals, thus enhancing and protecting clients’ assets:

On time delivery. Our site teams strive to have the building schedule and commercial commitments respected
Longer lasting assets. The vessels built under our surveillance live longer operating lives.
Minimal downtime. A well-built vessel will spend less time in the repair yard and more time at sea.
Vessel efficiency. Decisions made throughout the building process can have a substantial impact on the vessel’s future running costs.
Higher asset value. Working with SeaQuest and building to the best quality standard ensures that our clients’ assets achieve higher prices in the second-hand market.
Teamwork around shipbuilding. Our professional and pragmatic approach optimizes the relationships between the parties to the benefit of the project.


Compliance. Adopting a resolute approach to shipbuilding project management, we assure our clients their vessels’ will comply with contractual specifications and approved plans and meet the latest rules and regulations.
High standards. Our rigorous ISO certified Safety and Quality Assurance System allows ships to be built to the highest standard anywhere in the world. We have a resolute approach to shipbuilding project management as outlined by IMO MSC 77/2/6.
Improved design. We enhance the technical specifications by requiring the Builders to implement changes at no additional costs whenever reasonably achievable.
Peace of mind. Our experienced team offers the professionalism and knowledge needed to guide any shipowner through the complexities of the new building projects.


From 2003 to date, SeaQuest has been responsible for contract and technical specifications, plan approval and construction supervision for a multitude of different projects encompassing Oil/Product/Chemical Tankers (Medium Range Chemical/Product Carriers, Panamax, Aframax, Suezmax and VLCC tankers), MARS (Military Approach Reach & Sustainability) tankers, Maritime Sustainment Capability (MSC) and Logistic Support Ship (LSV), Container vessels (both geared and non-geared types), Con-Ro vessels, Ro-Ro ferries,  Ro-Pax ferries, Pure Car/Truck carriers, Gas Carriers (LNG, CNG and LPG), Live Fish Carriers, Off-shore Accommodation vessels and Bulk Carriers (Handysize, Supramax, Panamax, Kamsarmax and Capesize).


Our extensive experience in numerous qualifying projects tother with our well rooted presence in various segments of the marine heavy industry allowed our quality standards to be accepted by various shipyards, playing a crucial role to take various new building projects to success.


The Managing Director together with the Technical Managers and Project Managers reside in or close to the building country, exactly where the services are taking place, allowing extremely fast reaction timing to any problem during the construction stages and supporting the Project Manager / Site Manager in the critical phases

We undertake a set of full services at on a turn-key project basis, taking on us all the burden of the Owners’ obligations under the Shipbuilding Contract and the operational requirements, until the delivery of the ship

The presence of a dedicated team of professionals, the majority of whom have had extensive experience in sailing/shipping at management levels to focus on practical onboard solutions during the plan approval and building stages

All our senior inspectors are personally known to the Management and many of them have been working many years for the company, forming strong and homogeneous teams

In many cases, due to the number of consecutive projects in the same shipyards, we have been able to maintain excellent relationships with yard’s top and middle management (that are proving to be extremely useful in case of technical disputes)

Our elaborate, documented and well-established procedures as per ISO standards which are also regularly audited by the Classification Society and our clients

Our professional services are dedicated to serving the Owners for their new building projects only, with all our efforts concentrated in one specific domain and our experienced personnel committed full-time to one only activity

We have a strong shipbuilding project management presence in Asia, specifically in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, giving us an advantage when working in these areas. Over the years we have established excellent relationships with the leading Asian shipyards


Our People

Meet expert team

The company’s key personnel are highly qualified naval architects and marine engineers with a wealth of knowledge in the technical and operational aspects of ships.

Our project managers, site managers and inspectors are experienced skilled engineers and technicians who have been trained to work using SeaQuest Safety and Quality Assurance System.

Most significantly, our employees are loyal and we can vouch for each individual’s professional competence and personal character. We maintain strict employment criteria and thoroughly enforce our standards, ensuring the highest ethical behavior.

Success or failure in any project depends on the expertise, reliability and availability of the right people. SeaQuest was formed to ensure stability within projects by bringing together highly experienced individuals from different areas of engineering. This merging of knowledge and expertise has set a higher standard within the industry.

Our long history and continuous presence on the newbuilding sites allowed to grow through the years a huge pool of highly qualified and experienced personnel, many of whom have also worked in the tanker, passenger, gas (LPG/LNG) as well as offshore industry either at project initiation, planning and approval stage or site construction and commissioning phases.

Highly qualified personnel, extensive field and operation experience, established ISO quality standard practices and uncompromised commitment are the reasons for our success!


Jan Andersson

Managing Director & Founder of Company

Fabrizio Lisitano

Technical Manager

Sun Yachun

Technical Manager - China

Davor Radic

Site Manager

Victor Solovyan

Site Manager

Constantin Voicu

Site Manager


SeaQuest is a marine project management company providing a broad range of technical consultancy and advisory services to ship Owners and Operators as briefly listed below and able to offer professional support either as a turn-key package or with individual scopes, accurately studied and tailor-made for the Client’s needs:

   Design Feasibility Studies
   Shipyard Appraisal
   Drafting of Outline Specifications and Technical Requirements
   Specifications Review
   Technical Negotiations
   Selection of Equipment Makers
   Plan Approval
   Provision of Specialized Manpower for New Building

    (always under our ISO QA System)

   Complete Construction Supervision & Project Management
   Supervision of Commissioning and Trials
   Supply Specialized Personnel for Drydocking and Retrofitting
   Ship's Crew phasing-in assistance
   ISO 9001:2015 QA and Reporting System

Vessels in 20 years


Plan Approvals

Shipyards in 11 Countries
Clients from 32 Countreis
USD Total Investment
During last decade SeaQuest progressively augmented its exposure towards elitist markets and special projects involving innovative cargo transporting technology, ECO-Design, Energy Saving development studies, finally stepping into the Naval Support ships construction projects and working closely with Naval Authorities and Ministry of Defense of various esteemed countries for their prestigious shipbuilding projects in Far East

Since 2014
SeaQuest has been standing at the forefront on three different Naval Support ships new building programs, leading the design appraisal, Plan Approval, Risk Analysis/Assessment and Construction Supervision of six ships, four for the UK Ministry of Defence, one for the Norwegian Defence Material Agency and one for the New Zealand Defence Force, the latter completed in June 2020, for which SeaQuest was nominated as the “Excellent Company of the Year 2020” by the NZ DIAC (Defence Industry Advisory Council).

All three projects featured different conceptual design and military objectives, implementing state-of-the-art technology with advanced automation and integrated control systems for the seamless support of global military missions and strategical deterrence.The ships were conceived for the support of the military activities, providing logistic assistance, fuel, water, armament and sustainment to the warships on war scenes or during mass casualty situations, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Built to accommodate hundreds of persons, equipped with restaurants, receptive and recreational rooms, large hospital facility with core and ward areas, provided with a completely automated propulsion system operating in different configurations for defence redundancy, controlled by Integrated Platform Management Systems consisting of more than 10-12 thousands I/Os, abeam replenishment at sea (RAS) stations for diesel oil, aviation fuel, fresh water and solid/non-bulk cargo (e.g. emergency supplies, provisions and ammunitions), provided with a flight deck and helicopter hangar for vertical replenishment at sea, hundreds of independent compartments as well as various combat, defence and deterring systems.

Each project required several million manhours with over 8,000 inspections carried out per vessel along with numerous Sea Trials, culminating in successful deliveries with spotless Safety records.